We all ♥ designer clothing

We all love our designer brands and here at Mini Munchkins we are constantly on the look out for fresh new and exciting collections.Many of our brands are sourced from the top buying shows in Madrid,the UK and Florence, this ensures we are constantly keeping on trend and delivering top quality.

Our Designers

Here at Mini Munchkins we stock a large collection of brands including Nekenia, Manolitas, Colibri, Pretty Originals, Emile et Rose, Yoedu, Babylis and Marta y Paula.We add to our brands every year in order to keep up with all the trends.

Mini Munchkins strives to provide our customers with affordable clothing and high end to ensure a good selection of clothing to suit everyone’s budget. As mums we know how important it is to make our kids look good, whether its for a special occasion or an every day dress there is still a lot of thought and planning that goes into each and every outfit.When buying we try to look at designers that offer mums the opportunity to match up both babies and older siblings to really make a statement.Designers take their collections to the max and we like to bring them straight to you!

♥ Why not take a look through our designers today !

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