Azul de Colibri

azul de colibri

Azul de Colibri

Azul de Colibri is brand new to Mini Munchkins this year and we are absolutely loving this brand, filled with beautiful fabrics ,bows and lace it is the perfect brand to get your little ones noticed.

Colibri has a team of young designers, who work who are driven by excitement and enthusiasm, studying market  and textile trends.The materials used in this brand are exquisite quality and hold their shape perfectly.The collections are based on refurbished classic,fancy designs. Colobri’s motto is that their company works “by children for children”.

Colibri offers the perfect princess outlet to children , their designs allow every little girl to feel amazing with full skirts that twirl and flow, we really think this is a special brand and are very excited to be introducing it to our customers.

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